Land Conservation

Georgia is richly blessed with natural resources and a varied landscape of spectacular beauty, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the stately pine forests of the Coastal Plain and the barrier islands and sweeping marshes of our coast. We also have abundant water in our 14 river basins.

With the population of our state at 10 million, development is putting more pressure on our rivers and streams, and poses a threat to our biodiversity. The Georgia Conservancy believes that land conservation is a key to protecting our water resources, our plants and animals, and our citizens. It is for that reason that we have made land conservation a cornerstone of our work.

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How We Conserve Georgia's Land & Water

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Land Conservation Advocacy

The Georgia Conservancy advocates for local, state and federal policies that encourage land conservation. Our team meets with public officials and their staff at all levels of government to secure their support, or to thank them for their support of land conservation funding and legislation.

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Association of Georgia Land Trusts

This new Georgia Conservancy-convened coalition brings together more than 20 organizations across the state to share news and best practices, provide technical assistance and advice to clients and partners, and advocate for the protection of valuable environmental lands.

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Common Ground Summit

The Georgia Conservancy hosted its Common Ground Summit on August 2, 2018 in Athens. The Summit highlighted the importance of conservation and outdoor recreation to Georgia's economy and quality of life.

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Gopher Tortoise Initiative

The Gopher Tortoise Initiative is geared toward protecting and managing enough gopher tortoise habitat to preclude a listing on the Endangered Species List. The partners working on this effort realize that protection, restoration and long‐term management of land will be critical.

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If you have any questions about our Land Conservation Program or would like to learn more, please contact Georgia Conservancy Coastal Director Charles McMillan at