Association of Georgia Land Trusts

A Georgia Conservancy-convened coalition to provide news, share conservation best practices, and advocate for the protection of valuable environmental lands across the state of Georgia.


When it comes to land conservation in the state of Georgia, there is strength in numbers. Conserving lands rich with environmental resources—including wildlife, wetlands, forest, agricultural, and scenic amenities—requires a coordinated effort across nonprofits, state agencies, and landowners.


The Georgia Conservancy is pleased to announce a new initiative that takes this coordinated approach: Association of Georgia Land Trusts. This new coalition brings together more than 20 organizations across the state to share news and best practices, provide technical assistance and advice to clients and partners, and advocate for the protection of valuable environmental lands.

The Association of Georgia Land Trusts is modeled after similar initiatives in other states, including Florida and North Carolina, which have seen significant success among land conservation projects in those areas. Thanks to funding provided by partners aimed at building community among local land trusts, this new organization expands on previous networks established for the land trusts of the state by the former Georgia Land Conservation Center. That organization was led for many years by Hans Neuhauser, a revered figure in the realm of Georgia land conservation efforts. 

The Association of Georgia Land Trusts is poised to make a significant impact on the conservation of valuable lands across the state. If you are interested in learning more about AGLT and signing up for the email newsletter, visit AGLT’s Facebook page or sign-up for the AGLT eNewsletter.


AGLT Partner Organizations


Association of Georgia Land Trusts is an important component of the Georgia Conservancy's Land Conservation Program.