Okefenokee Adventure

Okefenokee Adventure and Suwannee River Paddle
Hosted by Renee Alston and Patti Horton

Join the Georgia Conservancy for a weekend exploration of two of the most beautiful places in Georgia: the Okefenokee Swamp and the Suwannee River. Guests will have the opportunity to paddle the mysterious tea-colored water of the Okefenokee and Suwannee River with esteemed naturalist Cathy Sakas. We’ll spend the weekend on the west side of the Okefenokee at the Georgia State Parks' Suwannee River Eco-Lodge and venture out during the day to learn about the natural wonders and fascinating cultural history found in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

The Okefenokee contains many types of habitat – islands, lakes, cypress forests, scrub-shrub areas and open ‘wet’ prairies. In November, migrating sandhill cranes should be arriving and the occasional bald eagle will be heading south to Florida for the winter. Cypress needles will be turning a golden brown and sweetgum will be glowing red before floating to the ground. As we canoe through the Okefenokee and Suwannee, keep a lookout for alligators, deer, white ibis, herons, egrets and maybe even a black bear.

We've hosted the Okefenokee Adventure for many years, but this will be our first adventure hosted at the Suwannee River Eco-Lodge and the first time we offer the Suwannee River Paddle.

Activities include:

  • A Saturday paddle on Minnie’s Lake Run and a hike and tour of historic Billy's Island
  • 11-mile paddle on the Suwannee River from Griffith’s Fish Camp to Fargo, GA
  • Family-friendly activities designed for all ages
  • The Georgia Conservancy Trips Trifecta: samples of Sweet Grass Dairy cheese, SweetWater Brewing Company beer and Cafe Campesino coffee
  • Live music
  • Fishing (but bring own tackle, gear and license
  • And much more!

Cabin lodging:
Cabins include private bedrooms, pillows, linens, sheets, a screened-in porch, bathroom and full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and kitchen table.

At the Suwannee River Eco-Lodge, we will host “free range” camping, that does not include any power / sewer facilities. Guests will have 24-hr access to bathrooms and kitchen.

The Lodge:
The Eco-Lodge is located in Fargo, GA, just north of the Suwannee River, and is managed by the fine folks at the Stephen C. Foster State Park. The Eco-Lodge is a conference center with a commercial kitchen, meeting room and 10 cottages each in a beautiful, natural, private location. There will be no other guests at the Eco-Lodge besides us! Check-in will begin at 3:30 p.m. at Suwannee River Eco-Lodge in Fargo, GA. In the past, guests will have had to rush to make it into the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge and Georgia State Park before the gates closed at 11:00 p.m. - this will no longer be an issue!

Price includes two evening meals, a guided tour through the Okefenokee, a 11 mile paddle down the Suwannee River, dinners, complementary gear bank access and live music.

Cabins lodging:

  • $225 per person (double occupancy – we will pair same gender roommates if you're coming solo)
  • $350 per person (single occupancy)
  • $450 per family of four (sharing cabin room with two beds)

Tent camping (includes free tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad rental):

  • $150 per person
  • $300 per family of four

Canoe rental:

  • $25 per person, per weekend spot in a canoe (we will pair paddlers if coming solo)

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