Sustainable Growth Program

In today's world, protecting Georgia’s critical lands and habitats means more than just natural resource conservation; it also requires our built spaces - cities, towns and neighborhoods - grow and develop more sustainably.

The Bottom Line: Better planning helps the environment. 

The Sustainable Growth Program works to foster smart, resilient development across the state, enabling communities to grow while using fewer resources and disturbing less open space.


Blueprints for Successful Communities

Blueprints for Successful Communities, our community planning program, helps neighborhoods and local governments plan for future growth. Blueprints is currently working on two studios: Atlanta’s NPU-G and Hogansville.

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Good Urbanism

Our Good Urbanism seminars teach planning professionals, government officials and neighborhood residents about the importance of sustainable growth. We have hosted Good Urbanism in Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Atlanta, Woodstock Savannah and Dallas.

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School Location Choice

The construction of new schools, as well as decisions regarding the closing of existing schools, influences the health, economic well-being, and the quality of life for the entire community. Our school siting workshops bring together diverse stakeholders to learn more about the EPA's guidelines for school siting.

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Small Town Sustainability

Our Small Town Sustainability & Rural Resiliency Initiative is an ongoing research and outreach effort that looks at the dozens of tiny, rural towns scattered across Georgia for answers on how they might they be transformed to have a new life and a new economic purpose.

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Housing Flexibility & Attainability

The type and location of housing stock have land use, economic, equity, and social justice ramifications and impacts the quality of our natural resources statewide. The Georgia Conservancy is helping to provide much-needed flexibility and options in housing affordability and diversity throughout Georgia.

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Milton Greenspace Initiative

During Fall 2017, the Georgia Conservancy’s Sustainable Growth Program began work with leadership in the City of Milton to prioritize properties that could add additional acres to the city's conservation land and greenspace.

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Learn more about the Georgia Conservancy's Land Use Policy

For more information on our Sustainable Growth Program, please contact Georgia Conservancy Vice President of Programs and Director of Susatainable Growth Katherine Moore at or Georgia Conservancy Senior Planner Nick Johnson at