Cumberland Stories

As part of their Folklore Project,  The Bitter Southerner asked 10 Georgia Conservancy members and volunteers to share their stories from Cumberland Island and describe what the island means to them.


“If you’d let me, I’d stand on your coffee table in my cowboy boots and declare explicitly, unequivocally and without qualification that there is no more important natural and cultural place in the South than Cumberland Island. I’d double down on that claim and tell you that Cumberland Island ranks with the best natural places in the United States, easily in the top five alongside the ‘epic’ and ‘iconic’ natural places you’d find out west.”

— Bryan Schroeder, GC Sr. Director of Stewardship and Outreach


Thank you to our friends at The Bitter Southerner for editing, publishing and curating a collection of stories about Cumberland Island. Their support was instrumental in highlighting Cumberland and garnering attention to the Every Trail Connects campaign. Click here to read "A Paradise For All Of Us", a Cumberland Island story by the Georgia Conservancy's Bryan Schroeder and published by The Bitter Southerner.