The Georgia Conservancy has a long history of advocating for the protection and conservation of Georgia's natural resources at the local, state and federal levels.

Our advocacy team has decades of experience in state politics and is dedicated to using the political process to help protect our state's precious natural resources. We're at the state capitol every day of the legislative session pushing for conservation-minded bills and fighting against legislation that would roll back advancements we've already made.

The Georgia Conservancy’s advocacy work doesn’t stop at the capitol steps. We’re working year-round on key issues such as transportation, energy, water resources, land conservation and development to make Georgia a place where people and the environment thrive.

2018 Legislative Recap

The Georgia Conservancy was under the Gold Dome every day of the Legislative Session advocating for the protection of Georgia's land and water. Our 2018 Legislative Recap will keep you updated on our advocacy work in Georgia.

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Where We Stand

The Georgia Conservancy takes a stand on a wide range of current issues and works at the local, state and federal levels to affect policy change that benefits the conservation and protection of our natural resources.

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Amendment One - Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment

Georgia’s economy and quality of life are directly tied to both the water quality of our rivers, lakes and streams and the availability and beauty of our outdoor spaces, wildlife habitats and parks.

In November 2018, we have a historic opportunity to pass the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment and protect our waters and lands by constitutionally dedicating a portion of the existing sales tax on outdoor sporting goods without raising any taxes or creating new fees.

Learn more about the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment

There were wins and losses throughout 2018's exciting legislative session – a session that did not disappoint when it came to last-minute bills and back-and-forth amendments. Dedicated funding for conservation was the big win, providing Georgians the opportunity to vote on Amendment One - The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment in November 2018. Click here to read our recap of the 2018 Legislative Session. Click here to learn more about the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment.

Finding Common Ground: Learn more about how we advocate under the Gold Dome and across the state from Georgia Conservancy Advocacy Director Leah Dixon.

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Click here to read our Amicus Brief filed by Georgia Conservancy and partners on behalf of Georgia in the pending "Water Wars" in the Appalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Rivers Basin

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