Since 1967, the Georgia Conservancy has led the charge to meet challenges and make the most of opportunities with collaborative and sustainable solutions.


The Georgia Conservancy is a statewide, member-supported conservation organization. Our work for land conservation, environmental advocacy, coastal protection, sustainable growth and outdoor stewardship recognizes the connection between the environment, the economy and our quality of life.

Our Vision: A Georgia where people and the environment thrive.

Our Mission: To protect and conserve Georgia's natural resources through advocacy, engagement and collaboration.

Our History: Founded in 1967, the Georgia Conservancy has a rich history of working with private citizens, business, government and academia to protect and conserve the state's natural resources.

How to help: Join the Georgia Conservancy and help support our efforts to protect Georgia's natural resources. You also may volunteer your time, attend a trip or event and receive our online newsletter. Learn more>>



The integrity of natural systems and the services they provide has value that must be protected, conserved, and restored for present and future generations.


Stewardship of Georgia’s natural resources is the responsibility of every individual, organization, government, and business.


A healthy environment and healthy economy are vital to a thriving society.


In conserving Georgia’s natural resources, we must understand a changing climate while respecting the demands of social and economic progress.

Principled advocacy calls for scientifically sound research, clearly defined agendas, inclusive participation, informed environmental education, and constructive negotiations.

Collaboration and public-private partnerships enable the achievement of our goals.


Our Policies


A healthy, resilient and diverse coastal ecosystem that can endure natural and human disturbances, an economy that offers diverse options including healthy, sustainable nature-based businesses such as commercial fishing and recreation-based tourism, and responsible planning for growth and conservation of sensitive coastal lands. Learn more >>

Land Use

Protection and conservation of our precious natural places, sustainable growth solutions for communities large and small, benefits for private land owners seeking to conserve their lands, maintenance of beneficial and existing conservation regulations, and a dedicated source of funding for state land conservation. Learn more >>


Earth’s changing climate is one of Georgia’s most significant long-term environmental challenges. The Georgia Conservancy is committed to the development and promotion of policies and practices that lessen the adverse impacts on the environment that contribute to climate change.  Learn more >>


Air Quality

Clean energy production and energy efficiency, the development and use of clean and efficient transportation alternatives and the best available stationary and mobile source pollution controls so that every county in Georgia meets federal health-based air quality standards. Learn more >>


Clean and abundant drinking water, diverse aquatic habitats preserved for wildlife and recreation, an integrated statewide water quality monitoring network, and a comprehensive state water management plan for the State of Georgia founded on sound science and ecological integrity. Learn more >>


Efficiency and sustainability in our homes, business and transportation models and the development of clean, renewable energy developed, utilized and preferred to protect Georgia’s environment, and the health of Georgians for generations to come. Learn more >>



Protect, conserve, and restore Georgia’s land, water, and biodiversity.

Promote and implement sustainable practices throughout Georgia.

Remain Georgia’s leading conservation organization.

Acquire the resources needed for long-term financial viability.


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