June 24, 2017  // 7 PM - 10 PM


Honoring We Love BuHi's Marian Liou

At The Woodlands At Sweetwater Brewing

Break out your summer dresses and seersucker - Verde! is back! Hosted by Generation Green of the Georgia Conservancy, Verde! is the soiree of the summer!

Featuring funky, sour and barrel-aged beer from SweetWater’s Woodlands Project, delicious American Spirit Works cocktails, live music, games, a tasting trip down Buford Highway and world-famous Grassroots Farms pulled pork BBQ smoked on site!

Generation Green, the young professionals board of the Georgia Conservancy, is proud to honor Marian Liou, founder and creative spirit behind We Love BuHi, with The Longleaf Award. The Longleaf Award recognizes the outstanding work of an emerging environmental leader in metro Atlanta.


Verde! takes place inside and outside SweetWater Brewing Company’s beautiful new event space: The Woodlands. Named after the beer aging barrels and foeders that fill the beautiful event space, the interior of The Woodlands will feature American Spirit Distillery craft cocktails and whiskey tastings (one per person), a “Taste of Buford Highway” food samples and an incredible selection of wild, sour and funky barrel aged beers. 

Outside the Woodlands, Verde! will feature live music, games and Grassroots Farms smoking a farm raised pig for a delicious dinner. 


General Admission / $50 Per Person


  • Sweetwater Beer, one ASW cocktail, one ASW whiskey tasting
  • BBQ Dinner with apps and tastings
  • Live music and games 

VIP Admission / $100 Per Person

Includes General Admission perks, plus:

  • Frozen Verde Daiquiri, special Verde! cup and wine
  • Early event entry
  • A take-home SweetWater “corked and caged” beer made at The Woodlands
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Georgia Conservancy members (Live Oak Level and above)- use your member id # to receive a discount when registering for Verde! Having trouble identifying your membership id #? Contact Georgia Conservancy Donor Relations Director Kelsey McNamara at kmcnamara@gaconservancy.org.


We Love BuHi has evolved from what was an Instagram diary of Buford Highway by founder Marian Liou into an community-focused organization that supports a livable, inclusive, and sustainable Buford Highway corridor.  

 Photo By Bryan Gassel / Eater Atlanta

Photo By Bryan Gassel / Eater Atlanta

"I think I recognized it had the potential to be something larger when people started responding to what I was doing," says Marian Liou. "Whether it's the foodies or academics, the urbanists or the social justice advocates, the parks and trails people or the immigration activists, when you mention Buford Highway to people, there's usually an almost visceral response based on people's personal backgrounds and professional interests. Buford Highway is like a Rorschach test. It's fascinating."

In addition to advocating for the development of cultural programming and promoting the local business environment, We Love BuHi is collaborating with other social enterprises and nonprofit organizations, as well as building strategic partnerships with local businesses and governments to find innovative approaches to design, land-use and community events within the Buford Highway corridor.

By working to create better community connections physically and culturally, We Love BuHi is thoughtfully addressing the sustainable growth aspects of environmentalism. Buford Highway has been written up several times as being one of the “worst roads in the county” – and Marian’s work is helping reverse this reputation by advancing the design of a place that is culturally significant and important to Atlanta.  Specifically, her team – through Atlanta Regional Commission funding and collaboration – completed the Buford Highway Master Plan, part of the Liveable Centers Initiative. This study supplements existing plans in both Chamblee and Doraville, and will help develop a plan and process to revitalize Buford Highway, addressing connectivity, affordable housing and pedestrian safety.

"I decided to devote my time to this because it allows me to reclaim and reconnect the unwanted, rejected, disparate, disconnected pieces of my own identity," says Marian, "and because I feel that it is important that Buford Highway be recognized as an important part of Atlanta, a natural continuation of our exploration of and conversation about what it means to be an Atlantan, an American. It has always been the people of Buford Highway, specifically its immigrants and refugees and their descendants, people who could've easily been my parents and relatives, that have spurred me to delve more deeply into how improving urban design and planning processes can directly benefit the people who have given a community its character."

Generation Green's Longleaf Award recognizes emerging environmental leaders in the Metro Atlanta community. Past Longleaf Award winners include Daniel Jesse, Amanda Rhein, Robby Astrove, Rebecca Serna, Jennifer Owens, Ovie Mughelli, Kori Ellis and Mandy Schmitt Mahoney.


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