2018 Common Ground Summit

The Carrollton GreenBelt
Session One - 10 AM - Athena E

CarrollTon GreenBelt

CarrollTon GreenBelt

Session Description and Noteworthy Project Aspects:

The newly unveiled 18-mile multi-use path in Carrollton connects economic centers, neighborhoods, schools and universities, as well as existing city parks and waterways. The panel will highlight the strategies and partnerships that were necessary to make the Carrollton Greenbelt a success, as well as future plans for the multi-use path system.



Erica Studdard -  Community Development Director, City of Carrollton

Erica Studdard is currently the Community Development Director for the City of Carrollton. She served as the Executive Director of the Friends of the Carrollton Greenbelt from May 2011 through July 2016. During her term, she let the organization through the acquisition of property, the design and construction of the Carrollton Greenbelt. Prior to her role with the Friends of the Carrollton Greenbelt, Erica served as the planning and zoning administrator for the city of Carrollton and Long Range Planner in Athens-Clarke County. In her free time, she enjoys running, traveling and spending time outdoors on her small farm with her family.

Kim Jones – President, Community Foundation of West Georgia

Kim Jones has served as the first President of the Community Foundation of West Georgia, which began operations in 2013. In this capacity, she is responsible for the operation, growth, and development of the Foundation. During her tenure, the foundation has grown to over $44 million in assets. She has worked on multiple initiatives to address identified area needs, often in partnership with other nonprofits, faith-based groups, the business community and location educational institutions. She has developed the Community Impact Grant program utilized by the foundation for the past 13 years to distribute more than $3.6 million in grants in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties. Last year, in collaboration with Foundation donors, more than $17.8 million was granted to area projects and programs.



Tracie Sanchez - Tourism Product Development, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Decades of exploring trails are living proof that ‘all who wander are not lost’ because here she is. Tracie also happens to be a map lover (hence the not getting lost part).  Her career path to Tourism Product Development at Georgia Department of Economic Development includes roles as a graphic designer, Lake Tahoe park ranger and ski bum, University of Georgia Leadership Coordinator, and Georgia Trail Summit Director, with an Master's in Public Adminstration from UGA. Noting the gap in trails leadership and the need for statewide resources, she aims to support all of Georgia's trail endeavors. Her daily bike ride or run with her husband Jeff is along the South Peachtree Creek Trail in a Decatur neighborhood connected to Emory University.


If you have any questions regarding this panel, please email Georgia Conservancy Stewardship Communications Director Brian Foster bfoster@gaconservancy.org