From The President:

The Georgia Conservancy entered its 51st year during 2018. It’s nearly impossible for an organization to continue day in and day out for 51 years without the continued support of individuals who believe in its mission and vision for the future. We wouldn’t still be here advocating for Georgia’s natural resources without you. We thank you for that. What’s also not common is for an organization such as ours to survive through 51 years without ups and downs. Where we’ve succeeded, we’ve also failed. But, we get up, dust ourselves off, learn from our shortcomings, and continue on our path to a better Georgia.

An important goal yet unfulfilled for nearly 20 years - dedicated funding for conservation in Georgia - loomed heavy over our heads as we entered the 2018 Legislative Session. Such a measure has been central to our statewide advocacy since the late 1990s. The trail to get there has often been marked with obstacles, dead ends and reroutes, but with the sustained help and hard work of our partners in the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition and supporters like you along the way, bipartisan legislation has trekked forward and is nearing its goal to establish a sustainable mechanism that will help to expand and enhance our state’s greenspace and watersheds, without creating a new tax. The clear path to funding was realized during this most recent legislative session with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle and with Governor Nathan Deal’s signature. Your voice on the November 2018 general election ballot is the last push that is needed.

In dedicating $20 million-plus annually to the conservation of Georgia’s natural resources, Amendment One, the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, is truly a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Georgians to voice their support for revolutionary funding that will provide for our natural resources in a way that embraces our environmental assets as economic assets. The conservation of our state’s land and water is not only a sound ecological decision, but is one that will enhance our economy.

In our Impact Report, you will learn more about the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, the benefits that it will provide for Georgia, and how such conservation funding ties into all of our programmatic areas.

If passed, the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment will be a milestone in the conservation and protection of Georgia’s natural resources, and it will be one to celebrate. However, our mission is never complete. With your continued support and with the lessons learned throughout our journey, the Georgia Conservancy, as it has for 51 years, will continue to be advocates and stewards of our state and its environment.

Thank you,

Robert Ramsay