2017 Save the Date - JULY 15 - 16

Flint River DELUXE Paddle at Montezuma Bluffs
Marshallville, GA


There’s nothing like canoe camping. All the comforts of home, floated downstream by boat, decorating the sandy banks of the Flint River. That’s what makes this trip a “deluxe” camping trip: hot food, ice cold beverages and a warm campfire. On July 15, join the Georgia Conservancy on a guided overnight paddle on the section of the Flint River between Marshallville and Montezuma, GA.

From the high bluffs of the southern Flint River Valley that guide the river's course to the swamps and sandy river banks commonly found in the coastal plain, paddlers will witness a vast variety of landscapes and wildlife.

No better to act as guide for this adventure than Mr. John Williams, the outdoorsman from Plains. John is a dedicated member and volunteer of both the Georgia Conservancy and Georgia Canoeing Association and has been leading overnight camping and paddling trips on the Flint River for more than 30 years.

Saturday: Paddle 8-10 miles from Marshallville to a big sandy bank where we will camp
Sunday: Paddle 4-6 miles to our campsite to Montezuma


Paddle & CAMP - $85 Per person*

Includes: Two-day guided paddle, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast

Please bring snacks for Saturday and Sunday

*Price does not include canoe or kayak rental. You can register for a canoe when you register for the trip. A spot in a canoe for the weekend is $25 per person or $50 for a full boat. Pre-purchasing is suggested.

REI Gear Bank - Participants have access to GC's REI Gear Bank (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) on this trip for a fee of $5. Using your member ID #, Georgia Conservancy members (Live Oak level and above) have FREE access to the GC REI Gear Bank.

Membership Discounts - A Georgia Conservancy membership comes a number of Stewardship Trips and Events discounts.

Georgia Conservancy members (Live Oak Level and above)- use your member id # to receive a discount when registering for a trip. Having trouble identifying your membership id #? Contact Alexis Torres at atorres@gaconservancy.org


Snapshot DETAILS

We are paddling at total of 14 miles on the Flint River, from the old Flint River Ferry boat ramp to the George Hooks landing in downtown Montezuma. We will be camping on a very large sandbar Saturday night, approximately 10 miles downriver from the put-in. We will take all camping and cooking equipment with us down the river!

We have two different rendezvous points for this trip. The goal is to have all boats at the “put-in” of the paddle and all cars at the “take-out” of the paddle. We will shuttle car drivers back up to the put-in.

All guests will meet at the put-in at the Flint River Ferry boat ramp (unpaved) on East Ferry Road at 10:00 AM on Saturday and unload gear and/or boats. The East Ferry Road is located just east of the Highway 127 Bridge near Marshallville. A Georgia Conservancy sign will mark the final turn. You will drop off your boat, gear and any extra people in your group and then drive to the take-out at the George Hooks landing at GA Hwy. 49 where a school bus will be waiting to shuttle the group back to the put-in.

Make sure to bring a little spending money as we will stop by a local farmers market that has fresh peaches and homemade ice cream!

If you are bringing a kayak, please pack as lightly as possible and pack as much into your kayak as possible. After that we can divvy up your stuff. During the shuttling of canoes and boats, there will be a little downtime. This is an inevitable part of any large scale paddling trip. Please be patient! Plan to have a picnic lunch at the boat ramp before we depart.

We will set up camp on a large sandbar on the banks of the Flint (depending on water level, potentially a hundred yards wide). In the middle of the camp, we will set up a kitchen area and a campfire area. We encourage guests to think through setting up their tents with an eye towards proximity to the campfire, which will be a very social scene during the evening hours.

Behind the sandbar and a good bit away from the camp, we will have a guy’s bathroom “area” and a girl’s bathroom “area." Each separate area will have one large communal “cat hole” for #2 bathroom visits. Please shovel sand in the hole after each use. The cat hole area will have hand sanitizer and toilet paper. We will mark the bathroom areas with flagging tape, when in use there will be a long piece of tape you can string across the entrance. For #1 bathroom use … the general rule of thumb is 200 feet from a water source and where we can’t see you!


The Flint River Deluxe Paddle at Montezuma Bluff is one of our twelve Heartland Rivers of Georgia trips featuring camping, paddling and stewardship in south and central Georgia. The series brings to light conservation efforts, economic development and recreational opportunities on the Flint, Ochlockonee, Ocmulgee, Ogeechee, Chattahoochee, Altamaha, Satilla, Savannah and Yellow rivers, as well as Spring Creek near Bainbridge.

Largely unknown to the Georgia outdoor enthusiast, Georgia’s heartland rivers are a treasure trove of unparalleled natural beauty and recreation opportunity just a short drive from home.

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