Georgia Outdoor Stewards

Georgia Outdoor Stewards is a meetup group started by the Georgia Conservancy and sponsored by REI.

The idea is to give nonprofits, clubs and community groups a place to host hikes, camp-outs, paddles or bike rides that have a stewardship focus, while providing the public with a "one-stop-shop" for stewardship adventures!

What does "stewardship" mean?

Stewardship events must be expressly designed to promote outdoor volunteerism, remove barriers to outdoor access for diverse communities or encourage environmental protection.

Our best events have elements of all three.

Nonprofits, clubs and community groups that use Georgia Outdoor Stewards have access to the Georgia Conservancy's gear bank of camping equipment, plus video equipment to help capture and share the story.


event Calendar

Stewardship of our natural resources begins at the core of the Georgia Conservancy. Our commitment tostewardship is expressed through the hikes we lead, the service projects we host and our community meetings. 

Please visit our event calendar to see the latest Georgia Conservancy-led stewardship events. To find out about other stewardship events happening in your community, please read about our group, Georgia Outdoor Stewards, which is dedicated to creating a statewide resource for stewardship events.