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November 18 // 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Firelight 2017
Georgia, better explored by Firelight

Sweetwater Brewing Company
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S'mores, beer, live music and campfires at the SweetWater Brewing Company - Firelight is back! 

Join us for the 5th Annual Firelight at Sweetwater Brewing on Saturday, November 18!

Firelight 2017 will feature live music from THE POLLIES and MERMAID MOTOR LOUNGE, a SCANA ENERGY-sponsored campfire, a s'mores bar, a silent auction, boiled peanuts from Plains, Georgia, some of Atlanta's best food trucks and, of course, SWEETWATER BREWING COMPANY beer. 

Our annual celebration of the Georgia Conservancy's Stewardship Trips Program, Firelight brings together GC members and trip alumni, as well as introduces new folks to the work that we are doing across the state to share Georgia's most precious natural places and advocate for their stewardship and protection. 



SweetWater Beer (6 Tickets)
Custom Firelight pint glass
Live music from The Pollies
BlackCatTips Firelight Sticker



All General Perks, plus
VIP Area w/ wine and ASW cocktails, SweetWater specialty casks
Food truck ticket
Georgia Conservancy t-shirt

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Music at Firelight 2017


The Pollies

“In an ideal world, discovering a band like The Pollies wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but then again, in an ideal world, every band would be able to seamlessly blend and arrange the root elements of rock and roll while forging into new territory to create songs that sound so natural and effortless that you don’t notice the intrinsic complexity and massive undertaking that each track represents.” – Last.FM

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Mermaid Motor Lounge

Depending on the lore, Mermaids are saints and saviors, or they’re muses and murderers. Mermaid Motor Lounge was created by Josh Erwin. The band uses acoustic dexterity while filling out the sound with electric guitar, upright bass, fiddle, harmonies, and percussion. “Fits and Starts” is the band’s debut album, recorded at Standard Electric Studios by Damon Moon. Release date first quarter 2018.

Firelight 2017 Sponsors

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Sarita Alami*
Will Admiedy
Chelsea Arkin* 
Jenni Asman*
Robby Astrove
Greg Bates
Rachel Cox Baird
Bruce Battle*
Samantha Beadle
Doug Beatty
Luke Bertram*
Jacob Berton
Alex Bradford
William Brawley
Hollis Callaway
Drew Cutright*
Laurie DeVegter
Brian Diggleman
Buck Dixon* 

Emily Cumbie-Drake
Sasha Friedman*
Nell Fry *
Mia El-Hamaki*
Emily Hays*
Wesley Holmes*
Sarah Horton
Daniel Jessee
Yeou-Rong Jih*
Alicia Jordan
Abbie King*
William Kurz*
Jessica McChesney
Sarah McFather
Jenna Mobley
Jessica Morehead
Maggie Nicholson*
Hope Oldham
Erin Quinn

Sarah Owen
Chad Ralston  
Brian Revels
Blair Revercomb
Anne Rogers* 
Bryan Schroeder
Ashay Shah*
Joey Shea*
Christina Smith* 
Taylor Spicer*
Ben Stowers
Caroline Tanner*
Conner Taylor
Stephanie Teta*
Joe Thomas
Andre Turner
Danny Wasserman
Dave Whitling
Stephanie Zell

*Generation Green
Board Member

Photos from Firelight 2016

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During the next 12 months, we will lead 3,500 people on hiking, paddling, camping and service trips to far-flung natural places, all while celebrating conservation, culture, food, music, diversity and family.

We are in the business of conservation, yes, but to succeed, we must also be in the business of love. Love for the rivers, the barrier islands, the marshes, the plains, the canyons and even the urban parks and the cities that surround them.

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