Are you ready to go the extra mile for the people and places you love?

At the Georgia Conservancy, we’re in the business of conservation, but to succeed, we must also be in the business of love. Love for our rivers and our barrier islands. Love for the marshes, the plains, and the canyons. Love for our urban parks and the cities that surround them. We want folks breaking bread on Georgia’s riverbanks or singing songs around a campfire, from the mountains through the piedmont and to the treasured Georgia coast. Our goal is simple: create a connection between some of Georgia’s most underutilized, stunning natural places and the people we need to help us protect them.
It’s working.

In 2015, we helped to permanently protect 27,000 acres of ecologically-valuable land, because more than 2,000 men and women across our state made the decision to support the Georgia Conservancy. These folks went the extra mile for the Georgia Conservancy, because somewhere in Georgia there are people and places that mean the world to them.

Camping on a sandbar on the Flint River with grandchildren, guiding your best friend through the palmettos framed trails of Cumberland Island, watching the sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains and thinking about the first person who showed you the way the light breaks over the trees: Are you ready to go the extra mile for the people and places you love?

Our Extra Mile Campaign is a call to Georgia’s most important supporters – a call to tighten their packs and go the extra mile by making a gift of any size dedicated to the places AND people we love. As gifts come in, we'd love to share these names of these places and people using our social voice - so please tell us why you’re going the extra mile! (Click here to make your own Extra Mile picture.) Tag your photos and tweets with #GCExtraMile

Every member of our staff and board has committed to joining the campaign, because we love Georgia too!

All Extra Mile Campaign donors who give at least $52.80 (5,280 feet equal a mile - get it?) will receive a Georgia Conservancy fern leaf pin.

Go the extra mile for the Georgia Conservancy, so that we can go the extra mile for Georgia.

Extra Mile Campaign donors will be recognized on our website, social media and our Spring 2016 Panorama Magazine.

(For more evidence that the Georgia Conservancy’s homegrown model is working - please click here to read our 2014-2015 Impact Report).