JUNE 8 -10

Conasauga Snorkel & Cohutta Wilderness Weekend
The Cohuttas, GA

On the weekend of June 8 - 10, the Georgia Conservancy, with the help and guidance of the U.S. Forest Service and the fine folks at the Mulberry Gap Inn, will host its annual Conasauga River Snorkel and Cohutta Wilderness Weekend Adventure at the Mulberry Gap Inn.

Interested in just the snorkel? Participants may also register for just our Day Trip which will be hosted separately on Saturday, June 23. Click here for more info on this trip.

The headwaters of the Conasauga and Jack’s rivers originate within the Cohutta Wilderness, a federally-protected wilderness area located in the mountains of north Georgia and southeast Tennessee.  As a result, our snorkeling destination, located at the edge of the expansive Cohuttas, provides visitors with the chance to experience one of the most biologically-diverse sections of river in North America. The two remote mountain rivers offer wildlife miles of unspoiled sanctuary and are home to over 70 species of fish - twice as many than are found in the entire western United States. Some of these species are found nowhere else on Earth.

Though not attire usually associated with the mountains, participants don wetsuits, a mask and snorkel to catch a glimpse of these colorful, native fish, both large and small.

Watch this short video, produced by Freshwater Illustrated and filmed at the location of our snorkel, to get a glimpse of the underwater beauty you will experience:

This is one of the most popular and awe-inspiring trips that the Conservancy hosts each year and it has introduced hundreds of curious members, friends and volunteers to the wonders of the river. Guests will stay at the fantastic Mulberry Gap Inn Mountain Bike Getaway and enjoy “self-guided” hikes in the Cohutta Wilderness on the Conasauga River Trail, as well as have access to Mulberry Gap's famous mountain bike trails that allow you to glide through the forest. Enjoy the camaraderie around the campfire at night and home-cooked meals (all meals for the weekend are included in prices).

We have reserved the entire Mulberry Gap Inn for the Georgia Conservancy for the weekend.

Thank you to the Mulberry Gap Inn for sponsoring this trip through a deeply discounted weekend visit!

In-kind donors and local food producers we will be enjoying during our weekend: Sweetwater Brewing CompanyAmerican Spirit Whiskey and Cafe Campesino Coffee.

*By participating in one of our Stewardship Trips, you are helping to support our year-round and statewide advocacy for the protection and conservation of Georgia's natural resources.

Trip Price: Weekend Camping - $200; Weekend Cabins - Start at $450

Recommended Experience Levels: Beginner

Trip Snapshot Details: Click to learn more and for downloadable .pdf

Stewardship Trips FAQs: Click here to learn more and for a downloadable .pdf



*Registration opens to Georgia Conservancy members on April 13 at 5PM and to the General Public on April 16 at 5 PM

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Participants who choose to camp have unlimited access to our REI sponsored Gear Bank which includes tents, sleeping pads, backpacks, and flashlights for a one-time fee of $5.  Using your account ID #, Georgia Conservancy members (Live Oak level and above) will receive a $5 discount (which makes it free) for the Gear Bank Access.

The Conasauga Snorkel and Cohutta Adventure is one of our Bucket List Adventure Trips. Our Bucket List Trips are once-in-a-lifetime journeys that include adventures in the Cohutta Wilderness, Okefenokee Wilderness, Blackbeard Island, Cloudland Canyon, Jeykll Island and on the Conasauga River.

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