Support for the National Sea Grant

The National Sea Grant College Program is vital to the long-term economic, educational and environmental health of Georgia’s coast. We urge Georgia’s Congressional delegation to keep the importance of this program in mind and to support funding at a level of $80 million nationally in Fiscal Year 2018.

In recognizing the important relationship that environmental health has on a growing and robust economy, the Georgia Conservancy believes that no other federal program in Georgia accomplishes so much for both as the National Sea Grant College Program. The scientific and educational benefit that this program has provided to our dynamic, unique and fragile coastal ecosystems is tremendous. At the same time, the research produced through the National Sea Grant College Program has proven to be a catalyst for Georgia’s coastal economy.

Through a partnership - UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant - the program has helped Georgia boost the economic impact in our state by fueling discoveries through research, providing learning opportunities to students, and offering programs focused on workforce development. For every Sea Grant dollar invested in research, nearly four dollars is returned to Georgia’s economy, representing a 250% return on federal investment. Sea Grant has generated $114 million in economic impact through education and outreach programs, and in 2015, the program helped to enhance or restore nearly 2,000 acres of coastal habitat.


For questions regarding our support for the National Sea Grant, please contact Georgia Conservancy Coastal Director Charles McMillan at