Chattahoochee NOW

The Georgia Conservancy is excited to announce a partnership with Chattahoochee NOW in an effort to realize the full potential of the Chattahoochee River in metro Atlanta. The focus of Chattahoochee NOW is to “catalyze the economic development and quality of life potential along a 53-mile corridor of the Chattahoochee River” from Peachtree Creek in Fulton County downstream to Chattahoochee Bend State Park in Coweta and Carroll counties. Through their efforts, Chattahoochee NOW envisions a sustainable corridor “where recreation, preservation, community and development are interconnected.”

Where does the Georgia Conservancy fit in?

With our expertise in sustainable growth, stewardship trips and service work, land conservation, and advocacy, the Georgia Conservancy will be a strong partner in furthering the mission of Chattahoochee NOW.

Our Sustainable Growth Program will utilize its 19-year old Blueprints for Successful Communities planning process to partner with Chattahoochee NOW, undertaking mapping and assessment of the corridor to identify opportunities for preservation, recreation and economic development that is consistent with Chattahoochee NOW’s vision. The result of this effort, along with public engagement, will begin to inform the Conservancy and Chattahoochee NOW about areas in the corridor most in need of protection, areas of protection and river access and areas for potential economic activity. Further studies will begin to develop concepts in conjunction with local jurisdictions, landowners and other stakeholders around the assessment’s findings.

“It speaks to the trusted Blueprints process that the Georgia Conservancy is viewed as a positive, transparent partner for Chattahoochee NOW and the communities in this corridor,” says Georgia Conservancy Sustainable Growth Program Manager Katherine Moore. “This partnership presents a rare opportunity to make a thoughtful impact towards the stewardship of resources around this region-wide resource.”

To highlight the current recreational opportunities present within the Chattahoochee NOW corridor, the Georgia Conservancy’s Stewardship and Trips Program is introducing dozens of paddlers to the river in 2014. On August 2, the Georgia Conservancy, with REI, hosted a paddle and celebration on the Chattahoochee at Riverview Landing near Mableton. More than 70 participants, many of them on the Chattahoochee for the first time, explored an underutilized 11-mile section of river that flows under I-20 and past Six Flags. In October, the Conservancy will return to the Chattahoochee to host its inaugural paddle at Chattahoochee Bend State Park.

See photos from the Chattahoochee Paddle at Riverview Landing

The Georgia Conservancy’s robust program for corporate stewardship is also affording our corporate sponsors the opportunity to give back to the corridor through strategic service projects in targeted areas along the river. In 2014 alone, the Georgia Conservancy has hosted five service projects in the Chattahoochee NOW corridor and nine along the Chattahoochee as a whole.