Georgia Wildlife License Plates

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Nongame Conservation Section heavily relies on public support to conserve Georgia's rare, endangered and other nongame wildlife, as well as native plants and natural habitats. One way is through the public's purchase of wildlife license plates.

Prior to 2010, 60 percent of all revenue generated by the sale of specialty wildlife plates went to the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund. In that year, the state added up-front fees of $60 and a $35 renewal fee, of which only $20 went to the Conservation Fund. Predictably, the sale of wildlife license plates in Georgia declined by 91 percent.

During the 2014 Legislative Session, the Georgia Conservancy advocated for the passage of House Bill 881, sponsored by Rep. Bubber Epps, which sought to eliminate recently added fees to the special lincense plates that promote and financially support the protection Georgia's wildlife. Fellow legislators and Governor Nathan Deal realized the value that such license tags played in supporting the efforts of the Georgia DNR and the bill was signed in to law.

The new law, as laid out in House Bill 881, keeps in place the up-front fees, but reduced the yearly renewal fee from $35 to $25. Additionally, the bill amended the amount allocated to the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund, requiring $19 of the up-front fee and $20 of the $25 renewal fee to be allocated.

Buy or renew a license tag

Upgrade to a new wildlife plate for $25 and show your support for Georgia wildlife!

The cost of buying or renewing a wildlife plate is only $25 more than a standard license plate. Also, $19 of each purchase and $20 of each renewal goes directly to the Wildlife Resources Division programs that depend on the plates.

Check out these wild tags at your county tag office or online (listed under "Special interest: Apply through county tag office"). Make a bold statement for wildlife conservation by outfitting your vehicle with one of these eye-catching designs.

Purchasing a bald eagle or a ruby-throated hummingbird plate supports the Georgia’s Wildlife Conservation Fund. Established by state law, this fund benefits endangered and nongame wildlife and plants through conservation, education, land acquisition and recreation projects. Renewing these and the older eagle plates also supports this work.

Georgia’s bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer and wild turkey plate, as well as the older quail-and-deer plate, contributes directly to the Bobwhite Quail Initiative, which has created critical habitat for quail nesting, feeding and cover. This program has positively affected more than 20,000 acres for quail, songbirds and other native animals and plants that depend on this habitat.

Each purchase or renewal of a Trout Unlimited license plate supports Georgia’s trout conservation and management programs. These efforts affect trout production, stocking and stream restoration throughout North Georgia.

Funds from tag purchases and renewals are the largest source of contributions to Georgia’s Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Bobwhite Quail Initiative.

Buy a Wildlife Tag – It’s Easy!

At your county tag office:

  • Ask for a wildlife plate – an eagle, hummingbird, quail-and-deer or trout designs.
  • Pay the fee. Wildlife plates cost only $25 more than a standard peach plate. The total cost is $25 for the plate, plus the standard $20 registration fee you will pay for any tag and any applicable ad-valorem taxes.
  • Receive a temporary tag from the county (specialty plates are usually not stocked).
  • Watch the mail for your wildlife tag. It can arrive as soon as within a week!

When buying a car:

Many Georgia car dealers offer the option to purchase a tag when you buy a vehicle. Simply ask them to upgrade you to a wildlife tag when you're asked what kind of tag you want!

Renewing our Wildlife Tag:

You can renew at your county tag office or -- in most counties -- online.

Renewing a wildlife tag costs only $25 a year, plus the standard $20 registration fee and applicable ad-valorem taxes. In almost all counties, renewals are timed to coincide with your birthday.

The division's Bobwhite Quail Initiative also depends solely on contributions and grants to reverse declines in Georgia quail populations and habitat -- work that benefits many game and nongame species. You can support these vital conservation efforts through:


Weekend For Wildlife

State Income Tax Checkoff

Direct Donations

Estate, Memorial and Other Gifts


*Thank you to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for providing much of the language found on this page.