This year, the Georgia Conservancy celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

Join us as we look back on fifty years of protecting and conserving Georgia's natural resources.

Our past is your present.

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The year is 1967. The Beatles invite you to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, while Aretha Franklin demands “Respect.” Thousands of young people flock to California for revolutionary rock music and the Summer of Love. President Lyndon Johnson addresses the difficulties of the Vietnam War and the War on Poverty. Americans continue to wrestle with racial tensions as the Women’s Movement builds momentum. The first Super Bowl and the world’s first heart transplant capture attention in a year when the Dow peaks at 943. Lester Maddox moves into the new governor’s mansion in Atlanta, and Jimmy Carter has just completed his two state senate terms. Georgia’s population has just surpassed 4 million. Southerners indulge in Chick-fil-A’s first original chicken sandwiches and a group of Georgians create a truly statewide environmental organization dedicated to preserving Georgia’s environment for generations to come: The Georgia Conservancy.


50th Anniversary Special Events

Georgia Conservancy Day at Georgia State Capitol

It's an honor to be honored! The 50 year legacy of the Georgia Conservancy was recognized at the Georgia State Capitol on Monday, February 27 with House Invite Resolution 226 and Senate Resolution 289.

Georgia Conservancy President Robert Ramsay addressed both the House of Representatives and Georgia Senate.




Family Reunion at Sweetwater Creek

We're getting the family back together! On April 1st, the Georgia Conservancy invites you to our 50th Anniversary Family Reunion and Celebration at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Join us for a day of outdoor recreation, education, and all-around-fun for Georgia Conservancy members, friends and the those who have just heard of the work that we do. Thanks to REI and Georgia State Parks, we will host free classes, activites, games and a cookout by Fox Bros. BBQ and Sweetwater Brewing Company.

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Riverside Tent Revivals

It's time for a good ole fashioned backcountry camp meeting. Join the Georgia Conservancy and friends under the big top and on the riverbank for an environmental revival and BBQ. Our three 50th Anniversary Tent Revivals are a chance to renew, reframe and explore what it means to love Georgia's great outdoors in 2017.

Hosted in conjunction with three of our Heartland Rivers of Georgia Paddle Series trips, our "tent revivals" are an invitation to men and women near and far to learn more about the Georgia Conservancy and share their story about being a conservationist.

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Our Precious Places

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, the Georgia Conservancy has selected five “Precious Places” to tell the story of Georgia’s incredible natural areas and the men and woman who dedicated their lives to protect them - Cumberland Island National Seashore & Wilderness Area, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Cohutta Wilderness Area, Sprewell Bluff on the Flint River & Okefenokee Wilderness Area.

Over the course of 2017, we’ll share our conservation story and encourage people to share with the world what makes these places great today. Our past is your present.

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A Gift To Our Supporters

Cumberland Island Trail Map

We didn't make it through 50 years on our own! In 2015, through the support of members and friends, we were afforded the opportunity by REI and the National Park Service to restore Cumberland Island National Seashore's system of backcountry trails. During those eight months of hard work with hundreds of volunteers, we found time to GPS map the more than 50 miles of trials on the island. Today, we present to you the finished product: 100% open, safe trails and detailed downloadable GPS map of the island!


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Return here throughout the year for more Georgia Conservancy history, stories on our Precious Places and updates on upcoming events related to our 50th Anniversary!