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Stewardship Trips




Experience. Love. Conserve. This is your Georgia, explore it with the Georgia Conservancy.

Over the next 12 months, we will lead 3,500 people on hiking, paddling, camping and service trips to far-flung and unheard-of natural places while celebrating conservation, culture, food, music, diversity and family. We are in the business of conservation, yes, but to succeed, we must also be in the business of love. Love for the rivers, the barrier islands, the marshes, plains, canyons and even urban parks and the cities that surround them. We want folks breaking bread on Georgia’s riverbanks or singing songs around a campfire, from the mountains through the coastal plain and to our amazing saltwater-marsh ecosystem and barrier islands.

Our goal is simple: Create a connection between some of Georgia’s most underutilized, stunning natural places and the people we need to help us protect them. In 2016 we’re leading trips to the Ogeechee, Altamaha, Ocmulgee, Oconee, Flint, Ochlockonee, Chattahoochee, Satilla, Suwannee and Conasauga rivers; to Ossabaw, Sapelo, Cumberland, Blackbeard and Little St. Simons islands; to Okefenokee Swamp, Cloudland Canyon, Frick’s Cave, Howard’s Waterfall Cave, Panola Mountain, Broxton Rocks, Radium Springs, the Len Foote Hike Inn, Augusta Canal, Ebenezer Creek, Sweetwater Creek, Spring Creek, the Dawson Forest and the mighty Cohutta Wilderness.

Our expanded 2016 schedule offers Service Weekends, Georgia Bucket List Trips, Day Trips and Heartland Rivers of Georgia Series paddles in every corner of the state. Fear of missing out on a great time?  Become a Georgia Conservancy supporter to receive notification of trip releases and Georgia Conservancy updates!

Thank you to REI for their leadership and support of the Georgia Conservancy's Stewardship Trips Program! Thank you to the many volunteers and partners who make our trips program possible, especially the Georgia Canoeing Association, SweetWater Brewing Company, Sweet Grass Dairy, Keeping it Wild, Whitewater Express, Three Rivers Outdoors, SouthEast Adventure Outfitters, Georgia State Parks and the many excellent Riverkeepers across the state of Georgia!

"The firelight we all know today, came from the sky in a special way" - Kyle Brooks

Campfire, great friends, amazing places - nothing embodies the spirit of conservation and exploration better than a campfire shared with friends. Thank you to our friend and artist Kyle Brooks, aka BlackCatTips, aka our Bears Around Georgia co-conspirator, for his inspirational poem that will be read around every campfire on every trip during 2016.

Kyle's poem debuted at Firelight, the Stewardship Trips Program's annual fundraiser that hosted over 1,000 people for an evening of live music, SweetWater beer, good cheer and campfire.


Jan. 8 - 10 Ocmulgee Water Trail Paddle** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Jan. 15 - 17 Cumberland Island Service Weekend** Service Weekend
Jan. 29 - 31 Cabretta Beach & Blackbeard Island Adventure** Bucket List Trip
Feb. 12 - 14 Satilla River Weekend at Gowan's Farm** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Mar. 18 - 20 Altamaha River to Sea Paddle in Darien** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Apr. 9 - 11 Ochlockonee River Paddle with Sweet Grass Dairy** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Apr. 15 - 17 Flint River Paddle at Rocky Bend Reserve* Heartland Rivers Paddle
Apr. 23 Augusta Canal Paddle * Heartland Rivers Paddle
May 6 - 8 Ogeechee River Paddle & Ossabaw Island Tour** Heartland Rivers Paddle
May 20 - 22 Three Rivers Paddle & Broxton Rocks Tour * Heartland Rivers Paddle
May 26 Trees Atlanta Arboretum & Beltline Tour
Metro Day Trip
Jun. 3 - 5 Spring Creek Paddle near Bainbridge** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Jun. 11 Fernbank Forest Service Day & Tour # Metro Day Trip
Jun. 17 - 19 Conasauga Snorkel & Mulberry Gap  Adventure** Bucket List Trip
Jun. 26 Sweetwater Creek State Park Hike # Metro Day Trip
Jul. 8 - 10 Len Foote Hike Inn Service Weekend * Service Weekend
Jul. 15-17 Little St. Simons Island Cambium Weekend * Cambium Weekend
Jul. 16 - 17 Flint River Deluxe Paddle at Montezuma Bluff # Heartland Rivers Paddle
Jul. 23 ChattATL Paddle at Riverview Landing # Heartland Rivers Paddle
Aug. 6 Woodlands Garden Tour # Metro Day Trip
Aug. 12 - 14 Cloudland Canyon Adventure Weekend # Bucket List Trip
Aug. 27 The Grand Columbus Whitewater Paddle # Heartland Rivers Paddle
Sep. 10 - 11 Flint River Family Adventure** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Sep. 16 - 18 Ossabaw Island Service Weekend % Service Weekend
Oct. 1 Yellow River Paddle & Jam** Heartland Rivers Paddle
Oct. 14 - 16 Sapelo Island Service Weekend % Service Weekend
Oct. 22 Blue Heron Nature Preserve Hike % Metro Day Trip
Oct. 29 CRNRA East Palisades Hike % Metro Day Trip
Oct. 30 Constitution Lakes Halloween Hike % Metro Day Trip
Nov. 4 - 6 Jekyll Island Paddle & Camp** Bucket List Trip
Nov. 11 - 13 Okefenokee Adventure % Bucket List Trip
Dec. 9 - 11 Cumberland Island Sea Camp Adventure % Bucket List Trip
**Top 10 (+2) Release - December 17 * Spring Release - January 26 # Summer Release - June 3 % Fall Release -  July 22