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Throughout our nearly 50-year history, we have relied on our members for support. It is thanks to this support that we have accomplished goals such as protecting Sweetwater Creek State Park, Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and thousands of acres of private forests, fields and wetlands, efforts that have helped shape Georgia as we know it.

Your participation through membership allows us to continue to act, educate, and advocate on behalf of our state’s land and water resources. The Georgia Conservancy sees the potential each gift holds and pledges to use it wisely to continue moving Georgia forward.


“Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow,” says the old proverb. Such successes cannot happen without support -- sun, rain, and fertile earth. Like an acorn hoping to grow, the Georgia Conservancy cannot be successful without your support. By becoming a general member of the Georgia Conservancy today, you are playing a key role in the future of Georgia tomorrow - ensuring that the seeds of change planted by the Conservancy grow tall and mighty.

  • Magnolia ($100) - The romantic Magnolia is considered by many to be the aristocrat among all southern trees and a symbol of gracious southern living.
  • Live Oak ($50) - Arguably the most recognizable and enduring symbol of our coast, the Live Oak is also an icon of the future.
  • Longleaf Pine ($30) - A sturdy and stately tree, the Longleaf Pine once dominated the Georgia landscape.

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Created in 1974 to distinguish those who are the staunchest supporters of Georgia's land and water. This membership level, starting at $250, is a nod to the Cambium layer of a tree - the layer which provides essential nutrients, allowing the tree to survive year after year. Cambium members provide that vitality to the Georgia Conservancy's work.

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For other types of donations - including foundation and corporate support - visit our Support Us page.

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