Sustainable Growth

The Georgia Conservancy's mission is to protect Georgia's natural resources. But in today's world, that means more than just protecting critical lands and habitats from development. It also requires that built spaces - our cities, towns and neighborhoods - grow and develop in a more sustainable fashion.

The bottom line: Better planning helps the environment, enabling communities to grow while using fewer resources and disturbing less open space.

Sustainable development is more economical, too. The vast network of roads and sewer pipes required to support poorly planned, low-density neighborhoods are incredibly expensive for governments to maintain.

The Georgia Conservancy's Sustainable Growth program works to foster smart, sustainable development across the state through the following initiatives:

  • Blueprints for Successful Communities, our community planning program, helps neighborhoods and local governments plan for future growth. Blueprints is currently working on a multi-year study of Sea Level Rise on Georgia's Coast.
  • Our Good Urbanism seminars teach planning professionals, government officials and neighborhood residents about the importance of sustainable growth.
  • Our School Siting workshops bring together diverse stakeholders to learn more about the EPA's guidelines for school siting.
  • Bantam Towns in the Deep South is an ongoing research project that looks at the hundreds of tiny, rural towns scattered across the Deep South for answers on how they might they be transformed to have a new life and a new economic purpose.

For more information on our Sustainable Growth Program, please contact Georgia Conservancy Sustainable Growth Program Manager Katherine Moore at or Georgia Conservancy Urban Designer Johanna McCrehan at