Generation Green

Generation Green is an elected board of directors committed to supporting the Georgia Conservancy and its programs. We empower our community to protect, conserve and enjoy Georgia's natural resources through adventure trips, service projects, and social and educational events.

Founded in 1993 by Betsy Verner and Louise Tanner Gracey, the Green Peaches (the original name of Generation Green) was created to help sustain the Georgia Conservancy, provide members with adventure and social opportunities, and cultivate the blossoming field of young environmentalists with an opportunity for executive leadership.

Throughout the years, Generation Green has supported the Georgia Conservancy by hosting unique membership trips, exciting social events and meaningful lectures. Generation Green is led by a volunteer board of men and women poised to become the next generation of environmental and business leaders in Atlanta and beyond.

Below are some of the events that Generation Green hosts on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis:

Generation Green's annual summer soiree, VERDE, honors the best and brightest of Georgia's emerging environmental leaders. Past recipients of the award include Kori Ellis, Ovie Mughelli, Jennifer Owens, Rebecca Serna, Robby Astrove and Amanda Rhein. LEARN MORE >>


Green Eggs & Ham is an ongoing morning program of Generation Green of the Georgia Conservancy. Each event will feature a topical discussion with a compelling speaker or panel. Upcoming events include discussions around local initiatives related to transportation, food and smart development.  LEARN MORE >>

Generation Green is excited to announce its second annual Next South conference on February 26, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Biltmore Building. Next South will be the largest conference in the Southeast dedicated to inspiring and empowering future leaders seeking careers in sustainability and corporate responsibility. LEARN MORE >>

For the latest in Generation Green events, check our events page where you will also find Georgia Conservancy events.

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