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DIY Trips

The Georgia Conservancy hosts special member trips every month out of the year. We travel all over the state, from the Conasauga River and Cloudland Canyon in north Georgia to the coastal barrier islands of Sapelo and Cumberland.  However, we know that not all of you are able to make our trips. If you would like to explore some of the most beautiful places in Georgia on your own time, we will show you how with Do-It-Yourself Trips.

Cloudland Canyon

Explore Cloudland Canyon
Whether it's hiking to the waterfalls at the floor of Cloudland Canyon, packing in a tent for some backcountry camping or bringing a headlamp to explore Sitton's Cave, Cloudland Canyon has something for everyone. Learn more



Conasauga River

Snorkel the Conasauga River
Hidden in the Cohutta Wilderness is an adventure that you probably didn't think was possible in north Georgia - snorkeling! Bring a mask and a wet suit (this mountain stream can get cold even in summer) and see the amazing biodiversity of the Conasauga River. Learn more



Flint paddling on the Flint

Paddle the Flint River
The Flint River has one of the longest stretches of unimpeded water flow in the eastern United States. Over its 350 miles, the Flint has no shortage of things to do. So, grab a canoe or kayak, and spend some time on this untamed section of river. Learn more



Cumberland Island hikers

Experience Cumberland Island
On Cumberland, Georgia's largest barrier island, visitors can explore dense maritime forests and stroll along the pristine, deserted beach.  A federally protected National Seashore, the island's rich natural and cultural history provides visitors with a spectrum of experiences. Learn more



Ocmulgee River

Float the Ocmulgee River
The Ocmulgee River flows through the heart of central Georgia. Originating in Gwinnett County, the Ocmulgee moves south past the fall-line before it combines with the Oconee to form the Altamaha.  A lush and lazy river, the Ocmulgee is a relaxing vehicle in which to explore this beautiful section of Georgia. Learn more



Raven Cliff Falls

Hike to Raven Cliff Falls
Raven Cliff Falls, located in White County, is a scenic and accessible hike that can be enjoyed by day hikers and overnight campers.  After a beautiful trek along Dodd's Creek, visitors will be welcomed by the towering Raven Cliff Falls.  Learn more



Altamaha River

Paddle the Altamaha
Spend a day, or a week, on one of Georgia's largest rivers, the Altamaha. Its genesis as the Oconee River lay in Hall County in northeast Georgia - it meets the sea in Darien. The Altamaha is one of the South's most beautiful rivers.  Learn more