Yankee Paradise Trail

Distance - 1.2 mi.

Yankee Paradise is a must-hike for any wilderness backpacker. The southern entrance of Yankee Paradise is an excellent starting spot for hikers looking to travel north from Hickory Hill to experience numerous other trails and backcountry campsites. Running at a total of 1.2 miles, this trail travels north to south and is one of the few trails that has a water source on it. This water is non-potable so it must be treated before drinking, and can be found at 0.25 miles south of Yankee Paradise Campground. This trail is somewhat a continuation of Parallel Trail, helping hikers stay off the Main Road. The north entrance is located 0.1 miles West of Tar Kiln Trailhead and 0.5 miles West of Lost Trail; both excellent choices to continue exploring northbound.


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