Dungeness Beach Trail

Distance - ?.? mi

This beach trail is one of the most enjoyed and photographed trails by visitors thanks to its vivid scenery and proximity to Dungeness Dock. Located east of Dungeness Ruins, follow the road from the Ruins to the beach to the trail head. Passing the giant former Carnegie Carriage House, enter at a sign saying “cemetery” across from an equipment shed. Here, you’ll wander through the Greene-Miller cemetery where you can see the graves of Nathaniel Greene, Katy Greene-Miller, and Robert E. Lee’s father: General Henry Lighthouse David Lee’s former burial site. Continue east down the trail until you hit the boardwalk. Take a minute to pause here, observe the marsh habitat, and maybe even snap some shots of birds cruising ahead. In this “living mud” and shrimp breeding ground, you can observe anything from a blue heron delicately trudging through the marsh to a ray gliding along the banks. Continue down the trail as it passes through a surreal dune filled with boneyard trees which look like they’ve stepped straight out of a moonscape. The trail will intersect the beach road, so continue down the road for a small stretch until the second boardwalk begins. This boardwalk winds through lush tropical wetlands, where you are amidst the canopy. On a sunny day, you’ll even see small lizards soaking up some rays on the boardwalk. Follow the arrows winding through the dunes to the beach access point where you’ll encounter a stunning view of pristine beach!


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