Duckhouse Trail

Distance - 2.5 mi

Duckhouse Trail is the connecting trail to a plethora of trails. At a total of 2.5 miles, Duckhouse runs east to west from Plum Orchard to the beach. Intersecting with Yankee, Tar Kiln, Lost, and Table Point Road, Duckhouse is a great way to bounce from one trail to another. Yankee Paradise Campground is located on Duckhouse 0.5 miles east hiking in from the Main Road, and provides campers with spacious sites and quiet serenity. The section of trail leading to the dunes comes out of the forest up over a big dune, then back through a stretch of pine forest before emerging through the dunes right on the beach. Don’t worry, this area is well signed so follow the double-directional arrows and enjoy this beautiful beach access point!


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