Corporate Service

Are you interested in raising your company's community profile, promoting healthy lifestyles and increasing office morale, all while giving back to Georgia's natural resources? You have come to the right place. Welcome to the Georgia Conservancy's corporate volunteering program.

The Georgia Conservancy offers volunteer opportunities for corporate partners and their employees to assist in community initiatives that also help to protect and preserve Georgia's natural beauty. Volunteers benefit from hands-on experience that delivers personal rewards and an increased awareness of the state's unique natural resources.

The Georgia Conservancy will coordinate all program details for corporate partners, modifying the service day experience to meet the specific needs of your group, including size, budget and other needs. Through our partnership with the Atlanta Community Toolbank, we will also provide all of the tools that we need for any size group.

We will also post photos of your employees in action during the event on our website, Facebook page,and monthly ePanorama newsletter. If possible, we will also include employee testimonials of the experience to illustrate and highlight the event's positive impact.

Read about some of our past corporate service projects:

Alcoa & Federal Home Loan Bank Volunteers Help Restore Native Grasses at Sweetwater Creek

IBM National Service Day

May 2014 Corporate Service Projects

Check out photos from past corporate service projects:

Federal Home Loan Bank Service Project at Sweetwater Creek State Park

UPS Service Project at Outdoor Activity Center

Coca-Cola Still Beverages Team at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Alcoa Service Project at Lithonia Park

Aon Service Day at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

UPS Tire Round-Up at Chattahoochee Park in Atlanta

Ernst & Young Impact Day at Sweetwater Creek State Park, the OAC and Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Rubicon Global Service Project on the Beltline

Does your employer have a volunteer grant program? Find out here! With volunteer grant programs, companies provide a monetary donation to eligible nonprofits as a way to recognize employees who volunteer.

To learn more about Corporate Service opportunites with the Georgia Conservancy, please contact Senior Director of Stewardship and Outreach Bryan Schroeder at