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Corporate Partners

For more than 45 years, the Georgia Conservancy has diligently worked to develop common-ground solutions to environmental issues that balance Georgia’s social and economic interests. In 2010, we helped pass one of the nation’s strongest water conservation policies, and our Land Conservation Initiative increased funding for conservation easements 170 percent in its first year. Our vision is to create a Georgia where people and the environment thrive, and our Corporate Partners are vital to helping us achieve that goal.

The Georgia Conservancy’s Corporate Partners recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and are prepared for a future business culture that emphasizes social responsibility and sustainability. They are industry leaders who have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact, utilize innovative “green” technologies, and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. By supporting the Georgia Conservancy, our Corporate Partners have committed to help preserve our state’s finite resources and natural wonders for generations to come.

Make an investment in our state’s environment by becoming a Georgia Conservancy Corporate Partner. Your support means more land will be permanently protected through conservation easements; more communities around the state will benefit from smart-growth planning; and more of Georgia’s precious coastal areas will remain pristine for future generations to enjoy.

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Many of our Corporate Partners are also looking for ways to involve their employees in environmental stewardship outside of the office. For these Partners, we offer our Corporate Service Program, which works with Partners to develop volunteer opportunities that help protect and preserve Georgia's natural beauty.

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Your generosity will not go unnoticed. Below is a list of our Corporate Partners.