Bunkley Trail

Distance - 1.6 mi

Located on the northern end of the Wilderness designation, Bunkley stands alone in its appearance as one of the most different trails on the island. After a lightning strike in 2008 burned the surrounding area, Bunkley is characterized by its corridor through a primary succession habitat. Unlike the rest of the island which is shrouded in live oaks, Bunkley is unique as it traverses through dense shrubs of undergrowth.

Running almost straight north to south for 1.6 miles, the structure of this habitat makes it impossible to get lost on this trail! Access Bunkley either from Northcut Road, the Brickhill Trail spur, the Main Road, or Killman Field Trail. If your route allows, make sure and bounce out to see some of these other trails as well! Consider taking the Brickhill spur route, where you will pass through a wetlands area over a few boardwalks. After rain, Bunkley may be muddy or flooded.


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